United States

The United States is almost as big as Europe, so traveling through it is an experience well worth spending a good time or making several trips. Of course, life may not reach us to know it so well, but at least we can know the most emblematic places. Although it remains to be said that using the word emblematic can also make us ask ourselves: emblematic for whom? Here you can find places that we found charming. Some of them “common”, that is, the traditional ones, and others that may not be so, but not for that reason super interesting. The impression that each site depends on the position of the traveler and our expectations. For example, for a person going to Florida, the first thing he might want to do is go to each of the amazing parks like Disney or Universal Studios. However, NASA Headquarters at Cape Canaveral is also a spectacular place, as well as traveling across the state and looking at hundreds of acres of orange crops.

There are many places where you can get more information, but remember that here we show you the places that we can guarantee that the experience was worth it. When you do not see the seal “Certified as Place to Return”, it means that for us it was checked but we would not return.