Grand Canyon – Hualapai Indian Reservation

The Grand Canyon is one of the largest canyons in the world. It is located in northeast Arizona. This natural wonder is estimated to have formed about 5-6 million years ago due to erosion caused by the Colorado River. In the Grand Canyon some of the oldest rocks on the planet are exposed. A recent addition is the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a glass-floored cantilevered walkway that hangs over a western section of the canyon. It is incredible the feeling of walking on a glass floor and seeing the precipice just below you, as if you were walking in the air. To be able to walk on this glass walkway, you enter with stockings, in order to protect the floor so that it is always polished.

The description that you will see here was a trip we did from Las Vegas, so we visited the reservation of the Hualapai tribe. When arriving at the park there is a recreation of a town like those of the far west. You can even watch duels on the main street.


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